This Cardboard Retail Display for Latina Agave Beer is Jungle-Themed

 - Sep 3, 2015
This dynamic cardboard retail display for Latina Agave Beer brand is a rainforest-inspired experience that instantly transports the shopper. Designed to grab the attention of the casual passersby, the intricate display features agave plants, panthers and tropical flowers emerging from the side of the bottle-shaped structure.

Designed by Guadalajara-based Dustin Santana, this example of point-of-purchase (POS) merchandising for Latina Agave Beer mimics the form of the product while providing an immersive dose of the brand's lifestyle-inspired imagery. Featuring three shelves to house as much agave beer as possible, the stand is sure to make an impression on consumers.

This agave beer merchandising is able to leverage the imagery associated with its unique formula in a way that engages shoppers.