China's Gemania Incites Visitors to Explore to Uncover Hidden Gems

 - Jul 7, 2015
Located in Yibin, China, is an unconventional jewelry store from Gemania that is meant make the shopping experience as precious as the stone products on display.

The outside of the space looks deceptively plain, but this was chosen as an intentional design decision to make the space seem like an undiscovered diamond in the rough. Once inside, shoppers are welcomed into a dazzling two-floor "diamond cave," complete with curved walls and fixtures with legs that mimic stalactites. As if by the intervention of nature, the built-ins within the space are set at different heights.

While the first floor space is dedicated to display fixtures, the second level is styled more like a gallery. This area hosts informational areas to better the search for a precious gem, as well as VIP sitting areas and bar stations.