From Zen Furniture Events to Margarine Culinary Pop-Ups

 - Mar 24, 2016
Branded wellness activations are emerging as a key brand touchpoint that can serve as both a product education session and lesson in brand heritage and the values they hold. From pop-up gyms that highlight a brand's athletic apparel to immersive exhibitions that illuminate the benefits of a product to a workout, there are plenty of ways for brand's to make an impact with individuals.

In particular, many brands are emerging with seasonal wellness campaigns that see mental well-being as a pivotal part of overall health. Bloo, and Celebrity Cruises all carried out experiential events in London on "Blue Monday" in 2016 that aimed to delight consumers with unexpected delights as a means of combating the so-called "saddest day of the year."

As consumers become more concerned with health and wellness, many brands are taking the opportunity to connect with individuals on growing concerns regarding the impact of a work culture that is admittedly unbalanced.