This Pallet Display for Heineken Matches the Brand's Imagery

 - Sep 3, 2015
This awe-inspired pallet display for Heineken was designed by Moscow-based designer Evgeniya Amelina. The form itself relates well to the brand's worldly branding scheme that previously saw the names of international cities appear on Heineken bottles. The green-tinged display is a 360-degree view of the product and showcases a variety of Heineken sizes.

The dynamic orb-shaped display recalls images of globes and speaks to the brand's reputation as the world's most international premium beer. Also referenced in the pallet display is the brand's green imagery and the red star that is arguably the most recognizable element of Heineken's logo.

The pallet display for Heineken by Evgeniya Amelina speaks to the effectiveness of cohesive branding schemes across packaging, traditional advertising and point-of-sale merchandising efforts.