- Jan 17, 2013
For the uninitiated, a truly hip hotel is one that follows a unique concept beyond luxury and comfort, as exemplified by these hip hotel trends. With hotels this hip, the place where you rest your head when on vacation doesn't have to be just that; your hotel becomes a part of the entire vacation experience itself, if not its main component.

For some, the idea of anti-luxury is what's most interesting -- deliberately downgraded hotels of 2012 include the hostel-inspired ACE Hotel and the Menuires Ski Resort Cubby apartment. Scare tactics prove popular as well, with accommodations such as the Jailhouse, a literal converted correctional facility, or the W Hotel in New Orleans -- it's literally on fire.

Whether you're looking for something ridiculously opulent or ironically under-equipped, these hip hotels will help you make your next vacation a memorable one. Check out our Hip Hotels Trend Report for more in-depth information.

From Luxurious Winter Pods to Converted Correctional Hotels: