The Goli & Bosi Hostel is Decorated with Directions for Using Spaces

 - Aug 22, 2012
References: & blog.leibal
The mind can become overwhelmed when experiencing a new city, but worry no more once you've checked into a contemporary establishment like the Goli & Bosi hostel. It's been aesthetically equipped with symbols to inform you of the building's facilities.

So much cleaner, more modern and more minimalist than your average discount hotel, these accommodations in Split, Croatia, have been renovated within an old department store for a fresh take for travelers. The walls, the doors and even the bedspreads are crisp and white and accented by brilliant canary yellow floors and ceilings for a vibrant interior punch. Black lines and icons ornament the floors in a truly 21st century fashion, guiding guests of Studio Up's Goli & Bosi hostel through the hallways, the 29 rooms and labeling the many amenities.