The Water Discus Hotel Lets Patrons Literally Sleep with the Fishes

 - May 7, 2012
References: deep-ocean-technology & gizmag
Dubai has recently become a beacon for boundary-pushing design and the Water Discus hotel set for construction by Deep Ocean Technology will only add to their reputation of hosting stunning and unique structures.

As the front-runner for becoming the largest, underwater luxury hotel in the world, the spaceship-shaped vacation spot will house 21 suites that rest 33-feet under the waves of the Persian Gulf. While aquatic life is fascinating for many, the risk factors involved with resting in a underwater pod may seem to be too difficult to overcome. However, the designers have constructed the entire building from buoyant, detachable materials that can float to the surface in an emergency and the building itself can be moved to a new location should disaster strike.

The building makes having a Jacques Cousteau-themed retreat a little closer to reality -- for anyone brave enough to submerge themselves below sea level.