From Fairy Tale Fashion to Comicbook Captures

 - Jun 11, 2012
There have been heroine-inspired finds and tropes for centuries, but with advances in communication and broadcasting, most notably, the Internet, as well as the popularization of comicbooks and superhero films, super-heroines and fairy tale princesses have become a ubiquitous theme.

In the 1940s, Wonder Woman made her debut appearance in a Marvel comicbook. A century and half ago, Lewis Caroll wrote Alice in Wonderland -- a story about a little girl who is thrust into a surreal and troubled world. Go back even further, to 15th century France, and one will inevitably encounter the story of Joan of Arc, the peasant-girl turned patriotic warrior and posthumous saint.

Flash forward to the second decade of the 21st century and such characters are inspiring everything from fashion to pop art. This is seen on both a purely aesthetic level -- Wonder Woman is easy on the eyes -- and in a deeper, thematic sense.