Sarah Palin Posters

 - Sep 6, 2008
References: artfepress
Though Sarah Palin was only announced as the Republican VP candidate on August 30th, people have wasted no time in using graphic and photo imaging programs to create posters of, or relating to, Sarah Palin -- some tactful, and others tactless.

Sarah Palin is an object of fantasy for quite a few men (according to internet buzz), so that she is displayed as Wonder Woman, or a gun-wielding woman in a bikini, comes as no surprise -- in my opinion, those are really shoddy-looking photo imaging attempts. Dare we ask, what's next? And, do we really want to know?

"What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick." Sarah Palin spoke those words just a couple of days ago when she gave her acceptance speech. Now? Well, Palin-o-philiacs since created a ton of pitbull, lipstick, and Sarah Palin related posters.

One things for sure -- it'll be interesting to see what other creative musings are used to cash in on Sarah Palin's name over these next couple of months.