Japanese Doll Obsession

 - Nov 9, 2007
References: collectiondx
Shibuya & Akihabara in Japan are a veritable smorgasbord of anime goodness at every turn. At AsoBitCity in Akihabara, there is no exception to the rule. Robots, action figures, dolls...ah the dolls. How about a 5 foot rendition of your favorite anime heroine?

For $4,900 you can get Rei Ayanami, a lovely girl with short blue hair measuring 158cm. Asuka Langley, a redheaded lass in pigtails is priced at $4,000 and measures 154cm. Both figures feature joints for the elbows, knees, and the neck so that the figures may be posed.

Neon Genesis Evangelion fans, rejoice!

Other models included Chi, a cute little cow-eared character from the anime Chobits, and Ruri from Nadesico.

As if anime couldn't get any more expensive!