Tea Girls by Brian Kesinger Combines Clock Work Fantasy with Elegant Composure

Brian Kesinger’s ‘Tea Girls’ gallery combines the allure of young Victorian damsels with clockwork mechanics. The series draws a strong connection with Disney-styled princesses; the young maidens who are destined for a life beyond the confines of their intended "proper" existence. Bold, adventurous and daring, the heroines from Kesig’s Tea Girls gallery have a lust for life that simply cannot be contained.

The hand drawn images have a remarkable vintage appeal, complementing the subject matter in that both illustration and canvas embody a sense of antique and mysticism. The portraits look like something you would find in an old wooden chest in a dusty attic or a picture of what your grandma used to be when she was younger.

Steampunk tends to be compelling precisely because it depicts a fantasy world where the technology is quite possible while being simultaneously antiquated and futuristic.