Santi Casas Illustrates Western Comics with Eastern Aesthetics

Art transcends cultural and physical borders, and that’s aptly proven in these Santi Casas illustrations of female superheroes. In this series, Casas, a comic book artist from Spain, has rendered American characters like Supergirl, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Power Girl in a Japanese anime style. This fusion of western storytelling and eastern art aesthetics is called 'Ame-Comi,' and is proof that globalization is indeed blending cultures and making the world a smaller place.

Though Santi Casas, who also illustrates under the pseudonym SANTI-IKARI, has drawn an array of pictures in an anime-esque style, he’s also adept at painting pictures with a more traditional western look. It’s impressive to see an artist soaking in the cultures of countries outside his own and putting his own spin on things that inspire him.