These Bacteria Fighting Products Keep Things Fresh and Clean

 - May 9, 2012
With the increased paranoia surrounding icky germs and contamination a selection of germaphobe-friendly gadgets will make keeping your possessions, and yourself, squeaky clean.

Whether it’s self-cleaning work spaces or water-purifying technology staying bacteria free is easier than ever, which is especially important given the rise of re-useable products that are available for purchase.

Self-sanitizing water bottles are a great way to keep your portable liquid holder free of disease-causing agents while still being kind to the environment. While sipping away on your sterile drink container at work, touch-free laptops and hypoallergenic keyboard cases will keep the sanitation at a high throughout the day.

For the extremely obsessive, portable bacteria monitoring technology will allow for the scanning of any environment for flu-causing bacterial so as to avoid or eliminate it as soon as possible.