Old Spice Motorcycle Ad Turns a Chubby Dude Into a Hot Biker

 - Nov 22, 2011
References: oldspice_ & adweek
The Old Spice Motorcycle ad comes on the heels of the soap brand's recent commercial, featuring a sea captain, to promote its new campaign message, "Smell better than yourself."

In this humorous ad created by Wieden + Kennedy, you see a chubby guy sitting in a gym locker room as two other guys soak in a jacuzzi nearby. The chubby guy smells his Old Spice body wash (Old Spice 'Swagger') and pieces start to suddenly fall of him. "He cracks apart like porcelain," says AdWeek, "with bits of his unmanly husk shattering on the floor, revealing a super manly biker dude inside." The bench he sits on turns into a motorcycle while the entire locker room falls apart, the jacuzzi turns into a side car and the guys next to him receive amusing transformations as well.

Old Spice has been pretty successful with its string of funny advertising. Let's see if this latest Old Spice Motorcycle ad will receive similar reviews.