From Male-Centric Gift Baskets to Manly Grilling Kits

 - Jul 24, 2013
While some retailers design their products to market to a wide variety of consumers, these overtly masculine branding techniques are specifically utilizing macho references to cater solely to a male demographic.

When it comes to catering specifically to a male audience, retailers are faced with a challenge as to what tends to attract and engage male individuals. By using certain manly references such as grilling and barbecuing, rough and woodsy scents, and humorous pop culture references such as the iconic facial hair image, marketers are able to focus in on what most of the male demographic are drawn to or interested in.

From beer brands that feature logos of Mexican wrestlers to male-targeted gift baskets that contain everything from jerky to grooming equipment, these masculine branding techniques will surely have men of all ages craving to get their hands on these products.