Sasquatch Soap Provides Men with a Distinctively Manly Scent

 - Feb 17, 2014
References: sasquatchsoap & uncrate
Sasquatch soap is the kind of soap brand that a man can get behind. This soap brand provides men with the smell they crave and does it with natural ingredients.

While there are few very popular scents that men love such as Old Spice, sometimes there's a need for something more earthy. Sasquatch soap has that earthiness in spades, but also gives the body all the natural nutrients it needs. With scents like pine tar and gold moss scrub you won't be getting these confused for any female products any time soon.

The bars all have a base of soy, shea butter, olive and coconut before any of the other ingredients are thrown in. If you're a man and want to smell nice while doing manly things, this is the best route to take.