Researchers at UC Davis Have Successfully Invented Self-Cleaning Clothes

 - Oct 4, 2011
References: news.cnet & gizmodo
The world of laundry hasn't seen real innovation for a long time, until the announcement by material chemists at UC Davis that they had completed research on self-cleaning clothes. That's right, the fibres of your clothing will autonomously kill the nasty bacteria and toxins that make you smell!

So how precisely will this miracle development work? The basis of self-cleaning clothes lies with a compound known as 2-anthraquinone carboxylic acid (2-AQC) which blends into cotton clothing and stays there even when exposed to water. After approximately an hour's worth of sunlight exposure, the compound begins to react and gets to work on the nasty antigens hiding in your 5-year-old Metallica shirt. Unfortunately, these self-cleaning clothes aren't capable of ridding themselves of wine, sweat or grass stains. Their application, however, would be incredibly valuable in the medical and military fields, where EMTs and infantrymen are exposed to foreign blood, bile and plasma.