Self-Cleaning Sportswear

 - Jan 12, 2007   Updated: Aug 9 2011
References: technovelgy
Why bother washing your sportswear if you can get clothes that clean themselves? Self cleaning sportswear, developed by the military, was created to protect soldiers from biological weapons. In other words, it should be good enough for you! The sportswear can last weeks without washing. It works by attaching nanoparticles to the clothing fiber which provide a protective coating. The fibers both bacteria and force liquid to bead.

Implications - Jeff Owens is one of the scientists who spent many painstakingly slow months developing the outfits. The impetus for these self-cleaning military outfits is the Desert Storm war, where many causalities were lost due to bacterial infections, not firefights or accidents. The self-cleaning sportswear is also a surefire way to stop compliments about rashes.

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