For Every Bar of Jack's Soap, They Give Soap to a Child in Ethiopia

 - Jan 13, 2012
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Jack's Soap has a simple mission: save children through the simple prevention of bacteria, with soap. The company is achieving its mission through a buy one, give one model -- for every bar of soap purchased, the social business gives a bar of soap to a child in need.

Every day, a lack of access to something as simple as a bar of soap contributes to the death of 5,000 children daily. Jack's Soap, which is based in Los Angeles, wants to change those stats.

Being savvy entrepreneurs, the founders knew consumers wouldn't necessarily rush to stock up on soap simply because it has a social good component. They knew they had to create a beautiful, ethical product people would actually be excited to have in their homes, which is exactly what they've created. Jack's Soap is handmade in the United State, organic, packaged in recycled materials and come in organic citrus, organic lavendar, and organic mint scents.

"Instead of sending an exact replica of the soap you purchased, Jack's works in conjunction with local soap makers to not only bolster the local economy, but to reduce our carbon footprint by giving away locally produced, specially formulated soap," the site says.

Currently they are focused on bringing soap to Ethiopia, but plan on expanding to regions in need globally.

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