Arghand Sources Soap and Skincare Materials from Kandahar, Afghanistan

 - Mar 16, 2012
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Founded by Sarah Chayes, Arghand is a cosmetics cooperative-meets-company. Chayes worked for NPR (National Public Radio) as a correspondant in Afghanistan and has stayed there ever since.

The spark for starting the business is outlined on the Arghand website: "Given the abundance of lush fruits and exotic herbs that have grown in the orchards and fields of southern Afghanistan for millenia, the need for sustainable economic development in the area, the ravages of the opium economy and the difficulty of transporting fresh fruit, Chayes and a group of Afghan friends got a great idea: Why not transform the exquisite produce, long the fame of the region, into high quality bath and body products, thus adding value while stabilizing the products for export?"

And that's exactly what Arghand does. Some of this social business' products include soap stones, soap pebbles, healing balm, healing salve, body lotion, face cream and body oil. The goal is, of course, to create positive social change in the Afghan communities from which the oils and raw materials are sourced.

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