Cousu de Fil Blanc Packaging References the Raw Materials in the Recipes

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: cousudefilblanc & thedieline
You don't often see stitching in product wrappings, but Cousu de Fil Blanc packaging incorporates the crafty technique to communicate the careful handmade quality of the lovely soaps inside. Rectangular cuttings of tough printed paper are treated to a single fold and a simple thread seam for an image of minimal processing that reflects its organic contents.

There appear to be at least three different graphic envelopes that protect the locally-made bathroom bars, including one that integrates an earthy photograph of trees and grasses, another featuring city snapshots and one that displays an illustrated urban plan. Presumably these highlight the varied environments throughout Paris and the French countryside. In this case, Cousu de Fil Blanc packaging references the features of the region and the origins of the recipes' raw materials and manufacturing.