Dr. Jason Locklin Invents a Product That Rids Clothes of All Germs

 - Jul 9, 2011
References: bbc & dvice
I am sure that many of us have had to repeatedly wash our clothes to ensure that all the bacteria (or at least a satisfactory amount) has been removed from the fabric, but thanks to Dr. Jason Locklin, those meticulous days may be soon over. With a team of researchers, he has developed a new spray that permanently removes germs. Yes, forever.

Based out of the University of Georgia, Dr Jason Locklin specifically developed it to provide low-cost protection for healthcare facilities such as hospitals. Considering how important it is to have a germ-free environment in such facilities, I understand exactly why that is the case. Although that is the immediate purpose, I'm sure that Dr. Jason Locklin wouldn't object to it being used more commercially in the near future.