Dinosoap by 25togo Offers a Fun Fossil Excavation Adventure

 - Aug 25, 2011
References: 25togo & mymodernmet
For those of us who have children, or are simply still children at heart, Dinosoap by 25togo offers a great way to entice kids (or childlike adults) into washing hands regularly. It creates a fossil excavation adventure as a result of normal use. Kids of all ages will be able to live out their dreams of being an archaeologist as they continually 'dig' for the bones of extinct dinosaurs.

Dinosoap by 25togo even has a sand-like texture that really makes the experience feel authentic. Of course, this graininess also serves a more practical, exfoliating purpose. Made out of natural ingredients such as apricot kernels, Dinosoap by 25togo will reveal its miniature fossil after about two to three months of use.