CLARITY Offers Job Opportunities for the Blind and Disabled

 - Feb 3, 2012
CLARITY is a social enterprise that allows customers to support the employment of blind and disabled individuals simply through the purchase of everyday soap products like pet shampoo and home cleaning products.

"The specialist workplace and 'Skills for Life' training programmes we run allow our employees to progress within our organisation and gives them the skills and confidence to move into open industry should they so wish," the website explains. "Welfare and support services are also on hand to deal with everyday issues outside the working environment."

CLARITY was founded in the UK in 1854 as "The Association for Promoting the General Welfare of the Blind" (GWB) and has been dedicated to their cause ever since -- in some cases they even offer accommodation for employees. GWB's history goes all the way back to famous donors like Queen Victoria who gave Clarity £50, equivalent to £34,000 ($53,765 U.S.) today. Charles Dickens wrote an article about Clarity, and King George V and Queen Mary traveled on a steamship carrying GWB products.

For more on this historic social enterprise, check out their website below.

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