The Paw Spa Dog Tub is Ideal for Domestic Grooming

 - Aug 31, 2011
As priceless as it is to see your alpha male come home with a ribbon on his ear, the Paw Spa Dog Tub is likely a more affordable means to keeping your canine looking clean than sending him off to professional groomers. Some pet owners have made an art of bathtub pooch shampooing, but for those who have not, this clever system is well-conceived for accommodating reluctant mongrels.

It is assembled in such a way that allows the basin to be propped on the edges of your bathroom soaker so that it is elevated above the enamel floor. With upturned edges, this configuration keeps shed fur trapped in the Paw Spa Dog Tub so that it doesn't clog the drain. Emil Blanco's invention also incorporates a water and soap nozzle, non-slip padding and a collar restraint hook.