- Jun 4, 2012
Taking a load off after a long day or warming up after braving bitter cold temperatures has become much more elaborate with all of the terrifically relaxing tubs available for the soaker-enthusiast.

While the tried-and-true porcelain models have done the trick for years, there is always room for improvement and some of these tubs have really stretched the limits in terms of traditional of bath appliances.

Having a romantic bubble bath for two, for example, is now less space restricted than in the past with the creation of tubs designed specifically for dual sudsing sessions. If solo bathing sessions with a good book are more your thing, there are several bookworm-themed variations that have built in bookshelves that are sure to tickle your fancy.

Whether horizontal bathing tubs or old-school claw-foot soakers are your rub-a-dub-dub choice, keeping clean has certainly gotten much more modern.

From Bedazzled Diamond Baths to High Heeled Soakers: