The Roca Eco Zonda Bathtub Greatly Reduces Consumption

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: & tuvie
A hot bath can be incredibly relaxing, but if you're not keen to stew in your own filth, you may be surprised to learn that the Roca Eco Zonda Bathtub can solve this problem, even though it reuses your sullied water.

Francisco Lupin entered this cutting-edge concept in the Roca "Jump the Gap" design competition, suggesting a clever way to curb H20 consumption. As your bath water cools down, you may be inclined to run the faucet to add fresh hot water, but this appliance does things differently. By tapping into your stale supply, the jacuzzi slowly works to clean and heat your bath while you're still inside. If you fancy a rinse for your hair, the Roca Eco Zonda Bathtub uses a similar method to sprinkle decontaminated water and send it though the sensored shower head.