The FLOU Foaming Bathtub Keeps the Water Warm

 - Oct 13, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
There are few things more relaxing than a bath, but a truly smart choice for a soaker is the FLOU Foaming Bathtub because it can keep the environment content as well. While the maximum consumption theory rarely applies to a full tub, the user would be all the less likely to replenish hot water in this particular basin.

The shallow liquid in the broad jacuzzi might be less capable of insulating itself against quick cooling, but designer Satoshi Yanagisawa has incorporated an innovative system into the outer lip of the bathroom fixture. Within the softly curving gunnels of the soaker there is a water container, a filtration system and an inventive foam generator.

Inspired by the layer of froth along the ocean shoreline, the FLOU Foaming Bathtub continually releases suds upon the water's surface to maintain the thermal temperature of your balmy bath.