Swaybath Tub Molds to Your Baby for Comfort and Security

 - Jul 24, 2009
References: en.24blognews & thedesignblog.org
When you need to escape from the crazy world around you, nothing comforts you like the warm embrace of your mother. The Swaybath works off of that motif for ultimate comfort.

Featuring a showerhead directly above the tub and a drain directly below, the flooding flow of water is very therapeutic. Made of silicone, the Swaybath wraps around and molds to the body shape and size of whoever is in it. This idea comes from the closed comfort of the womb.

I really don’t remember my experience in the womb, but I’ll assume I felt safe and secure, which would make the Swaybath a pretty nifty bathroom appliance to have.