From Honey-Dripping Ads to Steamy Swimsuit Series

 - Jul 17, 2013
There's something about wet hair that suggests a sultry nature and these sensually soaked editorials prove it. These models are caught drenched in pool water, rain or even sweat, but in the most fashionable ways possible. Not only that, but each is subtly suggestive in a hot and humid way -- the kind of effect that would be difficult to attain without the use of water.

Swimsuit editorials often feature soaked models for self-explanatory reasons, but other magazine or ad shoots are more eccentric. Alexander McQueen's Spring 2013 Campaign involved pouring sticky honey all over a model's face. The runway show's theme was inspired by bees and honey, but the dripping portrait of Raquel Zimmermann definitely succeeds at leaving a stronger impression.