Siri Crafoord x Fredrik Wannerstedt for 'A Perfect Guide' is Sultry

With the weather quickly cooling down for many North Americans, myself included, the idea of walking outside with wet hair doesn't exactly sound thrilling, but as the Siri Crafoord shoot for Swedish magazine 'A Perfect Guide' shows, disheveled damp hair does make for a mean winter editorial.

Lensed by Fredrik Wannerstedt for the mag's latest November issue, the shoot features gorgeous fall and winter jackets. Keeping on the edgy side of things, however, stylist Gorjan Lauseger pairs the lovely winter wardrobe pieces with minimal attire underneath, turning the heat up on this fashion shoot. In a messy bun, lace leotard and ivory peacoat, Crafoord might not be ready to brave a blizzard, but her sultry looks could certainly take the fashion world by storm.

For a twist on your standard winter fashion editorial, don't miss Siri Crafoord in A Perfect Guide.