From Scented Beard Oils to $100,000 Facial Hair Trimmers

 - May 11, 2012
Since the stone ages men of all shapes and sizes have sported varying varieties of face-hiding beards and a collection of whisker-enhancing developments will help the men of today keep their facial hair burly and their masculinity in overdrive.

While there are plenty of gag gifts on the market available to those who have difficulty growing in a thick facial mane, the more seasoned male will opt instead to pursue products that keep their chin coifs exceptionally well groomed.

Razors and clippers are in a constant flux of evolution to create a closer shave for a more perfected patch of hair. Social media has also jumped on board the whisker sporting movement to help the tech-savvy man find inspiration on the facial hair style to sport next, complete with renderings of what the gent would look like with each look.