One Man's Extreme Facial Hair Quest

 - Oct 30, 2008
Jon Dyer is a man with a big passion for the 'art' of facial hair. What originally started out as a way to entertain his colleagues has turned into an obsession, and as a result, Jon turned into a bit of a web celebrity.

Each year at the start of the winter season, Jon begins to grow a beard to help fend off the cold. At the end of the season, he shaves it off in stages, each time trying out different styles. Over the past few years he has crafted 25 of the 34 recognized beard styles.

Jon recently turned full-time blogger, following a self-imposed retirement from the IT industry, and his beard growing antics are certainly an effective way to bring a little attention to his site. So, while his attempt to grow every different style of beard may lead to online popularity, he confirms that beards are not very effective in attracting ladies, so the facial hair art may not prove to be that popular.

Jon’s passion has lead him to establish MaBeGroMo, a national beard growing contest.