From Bald Head Artwork to Patchwork Punk Cuts, These Looks Are Unforgetable

 - Mar 21, 2013
Sometimes used as a symbol of resistance, passivity or all out craziness, the act of shaving one's head has had many different meanings over the last couple of years and thanks to this list of some of the most memorable shaved head looks, you'll be able to get a glimpse at many of them.

Before concepts like trendy thrift shopping or DIY fashion became common, one of the only things that differentiated us was our hair styles. Rough and uncut, or slicked and combed, the style of your haircut was an indication of your sophistication.

But since status is no longer directly linked to hairstyles, shaved head looks like these have become rampantly popular and used for everything from art to basic personal expression. This list aims to show just some of the many reasons that people sheer of their locks and enter into the exciting, smooth world of baldness.