Richard Salcido Paints Portraits of Women with Idiosyncratic Qualities

 - Jan 27, 2012
References: richardsalcido & badredrobot.tumblr
The women in these Richard Salcido paintings may not look like your typical Hollywood starlets, but they’re all still wildly attractive nonetheless.

Choosing not to follow everyday beauty conventions, some of Salcido’s subjects have shaved patches of hair, copious amounts of mascara and look as though they’re malnourished. And yet, despite their defiance of conforming to appearance standards, each subject can’t escape the fact that they have near-perfect facial features that even the most dainty of people would be envious of. It’s as though the women in Richard Salcido’s work tried to run away from their looks, but failed and ended up being even that much more mesmerizing than the average attractive person.

Some of Richard Salcido’s paintings are rendered on damaged wood, giving it a gritty vintage feel.