- Aug 26, 2011
If looking at these freakish photo manipulations doesn't instantly have you gasping, you've either got a steel stomach or developed a tolerance from horror movies growing up. Either way, all of these Photoshopped images are well executed enough to have many people saying, "This can't be real, can it?"

Freaky photo manipulations demonstrate an artists creative side and confidence when venturing away from the norm, and for those companies daring enough to dable in photo manipulations, producing eye-catching advertisements can be the result. While Halloween may still be a few months away, there is never a bad time for some entertaining and freakish photo manipulations!

Implications - Along with the historical public fascination with horror movies, consumers continue to be captivated and enthralled by products and displays that dabble into dark worlds. Companies who attempt to produce products for an adult audience should always be aware that photo manipulations are a great way to create freakish displays that instantly become ingrained in consumers' brains.

From Faux Skinless Faces to Edible Human Hybrids: