These Igor Scekic Works Feature Spectacularily Surreal Imagery

 - Mar 16, 2011
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There is something so captivating about the way great graphic designers are able to turn what should be nonsensical and baffling compositions into beautifully rendered and thought-provoking concept art -- one such artist is Igor Scekic.

Featuring some stunning digital manipulations, the most effective and enduring characteristic of this photo collection lies in the fact that no image within it is as it may first appear. What at first glance might seem like merely a cello gradually reveals itself to be a clarinet, a set of bagpipes and a creature with eyes upon closer inspection.

It is this sense of dualism that brings Igor Scekic's art to life. His imagination sets him a part from so many other aspiring artists clamoring for attention and gives his art a lasting quality well beyond its time.