From Realistic Embroidered Portraits to Realistic Prince Sculptures

 - Dec 7, 2011
Since the beginning of time, humanity has questioned what's real and what's not; however, this question is almost impossible to answer when incredible hyperreal innovations seem to be popping up everywhere. What makes these art and technological pieces so real is their similarity to the real world, especially at first sight.

From sculptures to portraits, these objects deceive the senses into believing that what is in front of them is real. Watercolors and oil in canvas are both art techniques that have the capacity to imitate life in such a perfect way that it becomes hard to discern if a piece is one of photography or a painting. Similarly, sculptures -- especially wax figures -- have a texture and a feel to them that creates the illusion of reality.

Check out these mind-blowing hyperreal innovations to get your senses and confused about reality.