Adam Potter's 3D Models are Nearly Indistinguishable From Real People

 - Aug 15, 2011
References: & sweet-station
Many people have seen 3D models in video games and on the silver screen, but Adam Potter is taking it to truly artistic territory with his realistic depictions of near perfect females. It's so hard to discern his work from real-life people that his beautiful creations might as well be photographs.

If you're familiar with digital artistry terms, you've probably heard of the uncanny valley in which viewers can't help but be distracted by the non-human-like qualities of a human depiction. In my opinion, though, these Adam Potter illustrations are convincing enough so that most viewers won't ever encounter this problem.

Implications - With the advancement of digital art technology, graphic designers are trying to emulate life-like humans to the best of their ability. This is because a more realistic depiction of human beings allows viewers to more readily empathize with the work. Corporations may consider using images of human beings in promotional campaigns in order to evoke empathy from consumers.