A Humanlike Bert Character by Nacho Diaz Changes your Childhood

 - Apr 23, 2011
References: theeffectslab & laughingsquid
Don't be scared, but the real-life version of this famous character from Sesame Street by Nacho Diaz is a bit creepy.

Depicting Bert from the Ernie and Bert duo of Sesame Street, Diaz made a silicone piece of the star in a realistic lifelike model. If this is what Bert would look like in real life, then I would rather watch him as a cartoon Muppet character. I'm not sure why the work has been titled 'I Miss You,' because I would not be missing this eerie makeover of Bert.

Either way, the art piece is pretty good at depicting the character's features--from the hair all the way to the shirt, it's almost surreal how this Bert model looks so humanlike.