Irina Druchinina's Legends of Tengry Series is Astoundingly Realistic

 - Mar 23, 2011
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Digital art like that seen in the Legends of Tengry character series by Irina Druchinina demonstrates not only extreme talent, but also the advancement of technology in our society. Technology has enhanced so much that even live action movies now feature digital characters like these, making it at times hard to tell the difference between the real human and the fake. (I mean, just look at Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy.)

Illustrated by Irina Druchinina, the Legends of Tengry character series seems to have been developed for a story of the same title. Somber yet serene, beautiful yet harsh, the series offers so much detail, emotion and thoughtfulness that I still can't believe the Legends of Tengry characters aren't real.