These Hortifruti Ads Add Fruitlike Skins to Everyday Items

 - Aug 15, 2011
References: & blog.thaeger
These Hortifruti ads really make me want to bite into the sole of a pair of dress shoes. Who would have guessed you could fashion a kiwi into a shoelike shape yet still make it look so ridiculously appetizing? Of course, these images are obvious photo manipulations, but if anyone manages to make a notebook entirely out of strawberries, you can bet that many people will be lining up in stores to pick one up for themselves.

The Hortifruti ads were crafted by the MP Publicidade agency, and it's already making waves on the Internet. That's effective marketing for you.

Implications - The advancement of digital photo manipulation technology allows for artists to create lifelike images of surrealist scenarios. Since consumer demand for surreal content is always high due to its ability to evoke euphoric escapist experiences, corporations may consider using digital photo manipulation in media campaigns to entice consumers.