Michael Park Photography Brings a Modern Edge to Classic Horror

Michael Park is creating quite a sensation in the art world. His photographic works combine a sensual glamor with the macabre that is both startling and innovative.

Art and horror have been lifelong influences for Michael Park, who describes his oldest memory as drawing a "haunted house" in preschool. His love of all things dark and frightening found a natural outlet in his artistic expressions. He has a diverse range of talents—photography, graphic art and traditional painting—but found his niche while working in a photogaphy studio several years ago.

Doing high school portraits during the day helped Michael Park hone his hands-on skills while he used his after-hours time to experiment with translating his love of the macabre into dark works of art using models as starting points for photographs that he later enhanced with Photoshop.

Michael Park is enjoying a success that gives him the opportunity to work on his own projects, which currently include a photography book inspired by vampires.