From Female Tuxedos to Fabulous Faux Hawks

 - Dec 21, 2013
Rihanna is one pop star that has been dominating since her black bob from 'Good Girl Gone Bad,' so it's no wonder there are a plethora of Rihanna-inspired looks circling the globe.

Since making her debut with the summer single 'Pon Di Replay' Rihanna has been growing deeper and deeper into her fame and snatching top stops from other musicians as well. Not only is she Roc-A-Fella's first lady, but she's developed into quite the style icon as well. Her intricate hair dos always have the people anticipating what might be next while her clothing style ranges from anywhere between gothic grunge to 90s retro.

As long as Rihanna is shinning bright like a diamond, Rihanna-inspired looks will be here to stay and slay.