Chomat Uses Boning to Build Beautiful Garments

These stunning creations are truly a feat of architecture and fashion.  Each garment stands on its own and makes an incredible statement. These pieces are minimalist while at the same time over the top. The stunning minimalism and stark contrasts of the structure and the body suit underneath tone down the outlandishness and makes these pieces real works of art. Featured here is Chromat’s Autumn/Winter 2013 SUPERSTUCTURES collection.

According to the site, most of the pieces where made of "boning and elastic with metal hook closures and adjustable side straps." The designer of the line, Becca McCharen, says she has always been inspired by scaffolding and exoskeletons. This collection was inspired by mathematical equations and futuristic architecture, which really shows in the work. Prices range from between $900-$1,100. I would love to see this on stage, worn by an outrageous celebrity like Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Nicki Minaj.