The Me&Edward 'Metamorphosis' Project Converges Humans and Animals

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: & whitezine
I can truly say it has been quite a while since I've gazed at such unusual and spectacular images as those of the Me&Edward 'Metamorphosis' project. This creative photo-manipulation project was undertaken by Jonathan Ducruix who operates professionally under the alias 'Me&Edward.'

A simple glance through the images within the Me&Edward Metamorphosis project is powerful enough to blow your mind and have you yearning for more. Durcruix is appropriately quoted on the popular website 'White Zine' as saying, "metamorphosis is a concept about the unlimited transformations of human body. Just like a chameleon, it’s fitting, just like a virus, it’s mutating, just like a personality, it’s changing." The Me&Edwards 'Metamorphosis' project will blow your mind!

Implications - Photo manipulations continue to be one of the most effective ways that artists can capture viewers' attention and intrigue them. Companies looking to do the same should focus less on reality and more on photo mutation techniques in order to create striking visual presentations.