Celebrity Photoshopping Contest

 - Aug 19, 2008
References: worth1000
These images are from yet another Worth1000 photoshop contest. This time, the theme was "Celebrity Dress-up: A Different Kind of Cross-Dressing."

Most of the entries are simply were celebrities faces have been morphed onto other iconic images.

The Amy Winehouse / Keira Knightly image looks so realistic, it made me look twice. Nerdy Harry Potter just works so well on the geek scale for many, many reasons.

Best of all is Brad Pitt as the Joker, which shows that it really was Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Dark Knight character that had the ladies wanting him. The Pitt joker just does not do it for me. Similarly cross dressing X files was just a great idea. My absolute favourite however is the Tim Robbins Tin Man (Tim Man?).