These Salamagica Photo Manipulations Will Have You Bugging Out

 - May 28, 2011
References: inspirefirst & designyoutrust
Don't be surprised to see some surreal stuff, like an ant reading an adult magazine or a bear in a bear suit, when you're looking through these Salamagica photo manipulations.

Salamagica, founded by Ricardo Salamagica, is a photo retouch studio that specializes in making fantastical scenarios into a visual reality. Images like a melting polar bear, a tribe of men with KISS make-up and a man jumping onto a helicopter are virtually impossible to capture if it were not for the aid of these Salamagica photo manipulations and the results are both astonishing and monumental.

This really brings up a very important issue though since photo manipulations have become so advanced: how are we supposed to differentiate between real images and fake images? One thing's for sure, though, if we keep producing pictures as good as these Salamagica photo manipulations, I won't even care if they're fake.

Implications - Advancements in technology have allowed consumers to experience a wide range of feelings and sensations. Users of technology can travel the world virtually without having to leave the comfort of their home or office. For this reason, consumers are constantly looking to expand their horizons and push the boundaries of their experience and imagination. Photographs and art that offer a unique and unexperienced sensation or feeling are products that today's consumers are looking for. Companies that can provide unconventional and innovative experiences are a sure way to appeal to hone in on a larger number of individuals.