From Creepy Underwater Conventions to Submerged Celebs

 - Mar 10, 2012
The vast array of submerged snapshots point to an aquatic fetish among photographers from around the globe. Celebrities, babies, models and handcrafted sculptures alike are only some of the subjects that have gone underwater in the name of art.

This direction in photography, which excludes those lacking in aquatic capacities, showcases various products and campaigns in a way that catches viewers off-guard. No name pools and domestic bathtubs are not the usual set for photo shoots, but with the right amount of lighting and direction, they have proved to be excellent backdrops.

A feature that sets these submerged snapshots apart from the rest is their blurred nature. The marketing field often aims to provide consumers with direct and candid images with little room for obscurity. These submerged snapshots, however, are quite the opposite, and are actually characterized by blurred images. And yet, in spite of the marketing norm, it is clear that these photography exhibits have all gone swimmingly well.