This Tamara Lichtenstein Summer Daze Series is Drowning in Beauty

The Tamara Lichtenstein Summer Daze photo series is glisteningly gorgeous. Delving deep into the waters of visionary beauty and intense emotion, Lichtenstein's vision and lens make for some spellbinding photos.

At just 21 years old, the Houston photographer has seen some incredible success for her work, and has even published her first book entitled 'Issue One,' which she claims is filled with femininity and youth. Summer Daze is an exuberantly bright shoot which sings of carefree fun, while evoking powerful emotion. The sparkling color of the water juxtaposed against the model's pale white skin and sprinkled with a few risque topless shots further the striking nature of the series.

Implications - Photography that is set outdoors and incorporates elements of nature is appealing to consumers who value simplicity in art and nature's inherent beauty.